Saturday, August 12, 2006

What happened to Harm Principle?

Not much. I’ve been taking a summer break after exams and then I started working again so I ended up doing everything else and not finding the time to post here. Have no fear, however, the Harm Principle is back, I just need to organize my time a bit better so I can write a post now and then.
We mostly all live in a stressful environment so we’re all obsessed with organizing it. A very wise man said, however, that although every great undertaking needs organizing, you’re bound to end up with people who think that the organization needs organizing. You end up doing organization for the sake of organization and loose sight of the real goal behind it. It’s a lot like money. It only makes sense when you’re earning it for a goal, but too many people end up earning money, to get more money. Both categories of people are very common and although they usually end up being very organized, or very rich, they usually don’t achieve the great undertaking they’ve planned to achieve when they were 16 and neither do the rich often find a fulfilling use for all that pile of treasury bills and whatnot.
Next time someone tells you to clean your room, just tell him that it’s organized enough to allow you to find stuff in there. Having perfectly square bed covers is not really all that important. If you shock them with the answer, tell them to read Harm Principle now and then. Maybe the person they were before their obsessions took over will like the concepts behind it…


Blogger Shpela said...

I myself am a staunch believer in the theory of organized chaos ;)

– Welcome back

1:56 PM  
Blogger jure said...

Nice to see you are still alive!
Keep kickn! ( no matter how organised it may be)

4:20 PM  

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